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Boozy Beer Darts 🎯


Goal:  Rack up 21 points! 


Set Up


  • 4 Players - 2 Teams - One player from each team will be behind each board 

  •  6 Steel darts 

  • Boards are set 13 feet apart - from front to front   


  • A dart stuck inside any part of the white diamond is awarded 1 point 

  • A punctured beer is awarded 3 points.

  • Points from one player cancel out the points of their opponent

  • Ex- Player 1 punctures a beer(+3)

  • Ex- Player 2 punctures a beer(+3

  • P1(+3) - P2(+3) = 0 No points are awarded!

  • If a team goes over 21 points, they are set back to 15 and play continues.  

  • Darts MUST remain stuck in the board until end of play for points to be awarded


  • Darts must be thrown from behind the boards 

  • Players will alternate throws during a round(3 darts per player)

  • The team that scored in the previous round, shoots first in the next round

  • The opposing player on the punctured beer’s side, must finish the beer.

  • If a beer is punctured, it cannot be replaced until both beers on a side have been hit


Thank you for supporting

Boozy Beer Darts!

 Have fun and drink







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